[texhax] Latex help,

Philip G. Ratcliffe philip.ratcliffe at uninsubria.it
Thu Nov 22 10:20:34 CET 2007

>  > Perhaps you already have a command line program called eps2eps,  
> It makes sense to try ps2eps, too.  And don't expect that 
> Microsoft programs like Excel provide valid EPS.  ps2eps 
> re-calculates the Bounding Box, Microsoft is completely 
> unable or unwilling to do this.  

In fact, it is often necessary to hand edit M$ postscript files to remove
unwanted head and tail lines containing control characters for printers that
upset the LaTeXed versions (i.e. Yap chokes).  One can then also easily edit
the Bounding Box line by hand to adjust it exactly as one pleases.  If, at
the same time, you have it opened in ghostview (with the option "Show
bounding box" checked), then you can immediately see the effect of any
changes made - and thus undo them if necessary ;-)

Cheers,  Phil

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