[texhax] figure placement option [b] not working as expected

McAllaster, Douglas, CIV, OASD(HA)/TMA Douglas.McAllaster at tma.osd.mil
Wed Nov 21 15:22:24 CET 2007


Any suggestions on how to get a figure aligned to the bottom of a page?
Below does not work as expected. Problem is documented in below.

Thx, Doug McAllaster
Health Programs Analysis & Evaluation
Douglas.McALLaster at tma.osd.miL

\documentclass {article}
\usepackage {geometry}
            \geometry {margin=2cm}
\usepackage {lipsum}
\usepackage {graphics}
\begin {document}
this text is BEFORE the figure AND figure [t] option works PROPERLY
and puts the figure at the top of the page
\begin {figure} [t]
\fbox {\includegraphics {tricr1ok}}
\caption {fig-tricr}
\end   {figure}
this text is BEFORE the figure BUT figure [b] option works IMPROPERLY 
and puts the figure on page 3 by itself
when I want the figure on page 2 aligned to the bottom.
Figure option [h] (here) easily fits it on the 2nd page with above text.
\begin {figure} [h]
\fbox{\includegraphics {tricr1ok}}
\caption {fig 2nd time}
\end   {figure}
\end {document}

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