[texhax] a new LaTeX package for documenting TeX (not only LaTeX) sources.

Grzegorz Murzynowski natror at o2.pl
Tue Nov 20 21:22:31 CET 2007

Recently I put on CTAN the gmdoc LaTeX package that serves for 
documenting (La)TeX sources. (macros/latex/contrib/gmdoc)

gmdoc is compatible with the `traditional' doc package in a sense that
it typesets the .dtx files written for doc.

But more than that, gmdoc allows to write and document a source with 
almost no markup: the commentary marked only with % is sufficient for 
gmdoc to typeset it in Roman and the rest verbatim in typewriter---no 
special environments are required. (Therefore it may be useful to 
document also non-LaTeX sources.)

gmdoc makes use of hyperref advantages, e.g. all the index entries are 

The gmdoc bundle works with XeTeX so you may typeset documentation in 
your favourite system fonts.

As doc, gmdoc scans all the control sequences appearing in the code 
layer and indexes them (if they are not excluded from indexing). Moreover,
gmdoc automatically detects a handful of defining commands, such as 
\def, \new..., LaTeX \newcommand, \newenvironment, \DeclareOption, 
xkeyval \define at key etc., and kvoptions \Declare...Option, and indexes 
their arguments (not only control sequences) specially, as defined at 
that point.
Moreover, gmdoc allows to declare your own defining commands to be 
automatically detected.

Therefore I think gmdoc is worth switching to and I kindly ask you to 
try it and give me some feedback.

Grzegorz Murzynowski.

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