[texhax] twoside binder border on wrong side

Susan Dittmar SDittmar at eureca.de
Fri Nov 16 14:10:12 CET 2007

Quoting martin f krafft (madduck at madduck.net):
> please find the attached test case of a scrreprt/report, which uses
> twoside to optimise the document for doublesided printing. Without
> any further options, this creates a document which has a larger
> *outer* margin than inner margin. I assume this is some sort of
> binding correction, but it's on the wrong side!

Your assumption is wrong.

The inner margins are smaller than the outer margins because when you
combine those pages to form a book, then the two inner margins combine to
one white area optically, and for asthetic considerations of margin widths
you have to deal with the book, not the single pages.

> How can I fix this?

For example using the geometry package.

Hope that helps,


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