[texhax] making pdf document accessible using LaTeX

Martin Heller mr_heller at yahoo.dk
Mon Nov 12 15:41:50 CET 2007

William Adams skrev:

> Most screen readers for example will flatten out the Pythagorean  
> Theorem to, `` `A' two plus `B' two equals `C' two''.
> As an alternative, you could make a .html document where the  
> equations would be bitmaps and the alt text would be the latex source  
> for that equation --- Adobe does this on their opensource site.

You could provide an alternative text in pdf as well. I don't 
know if screen readers can pick it up, though.


The Pythagorean Theorem is
\pdfliteral direct {%
   /Span << /ActualText (a\ squared\ plus b\ squared\ equals\ c\ 
squared) >> BDC
\pdfliteral direct {%

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