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Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Thu Nov 8 23:31:21 CET 2007

Steve Schwartz writes:
 > I had not intended to start an operating system war.

Sorry, Steve, I didn't want either.  My message was unclear but I
can't explain better how it was meant than Phil Ratcliffe already did.
Thanks, Phil!

 > I was aware that YAP is a windows application. For the M$-haters
 > out there, the best way to encourage people to move to other OS's
 > is to show the positives and possibilities. Whether they switch (or
 > play with cygwin or ...) depends on the individual's circumstances
 > and energy.

I mentioned Cygwin because this is the only way I'm aware of how to
run programs on Windows which need an X11 server.  Of course, Cygwin
is not the ideal solution for Windows users.  Programs compiled with
MinGW (Minimalist GNU for Windows) fit better into a Windows
environment.  However, MinGW is not a solution for programs which
depend on the X11 libs.

You said

 > the best way to encourage people to move to other OS's is to show
 > the positives and possibilities.

but I didn't attempt to encourage anybody to switch to another OS.
There was no need because you already did so.  I mentioned Cygwin
in order to show a way to use the programs you proposed on Windows.

You cited Phil Taylor:

  > > What a very odd sentiment 

Dear Phil,
you should know me much better.  If Windows users ask questions on the
various mailing lists I'm subscribed to, I always try to provide a
solution which works on Windows but I never asked people to switch to
UNIX, even if many problems can be solved more easily there.

Regarding my signature: It doesn't even contain the word "Windows".
The signature is about Microsoft.  If it would contain the word
"Windows" I can imagine that Windows users feel insulted.  This is
absolutely not what I want.  But it's about Microsoft and almost all
Windows users I know share my opinion about Microsoft.


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