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Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Thu Nov 8 00:43:07 CET 2007

Steve Schwartz writes:
 > If you use pdflatex there are a variety of ways to do this. I'm most
 > familiar with the linux ones. Personally, I use kpdf as my previewer, as
 > by default it watches a file for changes and will automatically reload
 > it (to the same page, magnification, etc.) if the file changes. Then any
 > decent editor with an embedded terminal will make it easy to edit and
 > whenever you wish repeat the pdflatex command (I use kate).
 > Other strategies, copied from previous postings to texhax, include:
 > pdf previewing
 > ===============
 > xpdf will take a stroke of the "r" key and reload the file to the same

Hi Steve,
it's a pity that the original question was about Yap, a Windows
program.  It's even more a pity that AFAIK nobody had been able to
provide Windows binaries for xpdf (or xdvi...).

I'm forced to use Windows at work but I silently installed Cygwin
which provides all the nice UNIX programs which make life so much
easier.  Cygwin provides an X11 server, which means that programs like
xpdf or xdvi work properly even on a Windows machine.

Thanks for the detailed description, though.  As a Linux user I
appreciate it very much.


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