[texhax] intermediate output

Donald Arseneau asnd at triumf.ca
Sun Nov 4 23:20:52 CET 2007

burlen <bloring at unh.edu> writes:

> Hi I have a document where I have used \newcommand to define a number of
> macros. My question is can I have latex make the macro substitutions and
> stop, no further processing? I need to submit the document as latex source to
> publisher who does not allow \newcommand macros. My macros have arguments so
> simple search and replace won't work.

If your macros don't involve "programming", then a regular-expression
replace can do the replacement.

If your macros do involve programming, then they have to be eliminated,
regardless of substitution method.  That is, your publisher won't allow
that stuff.

Donald Arseneau                          asnd at triumf.ca

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