[texhax] Not-for-print pages in LaTeX output

Dan Hatton vi5u0-texhax at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Nov 2 16:07:04 CET 2007

On Fri, 26 Oct 2007, Dan Hatton wrote:

> I think the pdfprintpagerange option of the hyperref package might
> do what I need.

OK... I've used that option in hyperref, and it's produced a PDF file
with the line

/PrintPageRange [1 42]

in it.

But none of the PDF viewers I have take any notice: xpdf (3.02) and
evince (0.8.2) both come up with a print dialogue initially set to
print all 78 pages of the document, and gv (3.6.2) doesn't really have
a concept of a print dialogue.  Any idea what PDF viewers will respect
the /PrintPageRange option?



Dan Hatton

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