[texhax] Critical very urgent help

Alfonso Leiva virtual.dark.priest at gmail.com
Fri Nov 2 11:34:19 CET 2007

sorry about the subject but is kind of truth how important this is for me. I
sent an e-mail to the Latex Project people and they told me to send an
e-mail to you. I am from Santiago, Chile, and I am about to get my
Informatics Engineering degree. I have made my thesis (here we call it
'memoria') with LaTeX and I'm about two weeks to print the final work. The
only problem is that i need to change something in the format.

The type of document I used is article and when i have a \section,
\subsection\ or \subsubsection, the final output is like:
1. Section title
1.1. Subsection title
1.1.1. Subsubsection title

What I need is to get rid of the period so it ends like
1 Section title
1.1 Subsection title
1.1.1 Subsubsection title

The same output i need for the header, but as far as i know, the header (I
am using the fancyhdr package) is taken from the section format so it should
be automatic.

I've searched with all the arguments i've imagined and I still can't
discover how to do the period stuff. Please help me. I will appreciate it a

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