[texhax] Q re TeX Live DVD

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Nov 2 01:18:19 CET 2007

> Is MacTeX on the Tex Live DVD?

Yes, in two different ways.

1) MacTeX, the thing downloaded via tug.org/mactex, is on the TeX
   Collection DVD in its entirety.  (Although it has been updated since
   the DVD was pressed.)

2) The core part of MacTeX are the *-darwin binaries and, of course, the
   platform-independent TeX packages.  They are included in the TeX Live
   distribution, ie, you can get a working TeX installation from TeX
   Live -- but MacTeX makes it easier.

> reading the mactex website, it seems like it isn't

What text did we write on there that led you to wondering?


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