[texhax] Problem with Adobe Reader 8 identified!

Pierre MacKay pierre.mackay at comcast.net
Thu Nov 1 22:49:57 CET 2007

I enclose a test file which says it all.  The problem is with the 
abnormal size of TimesNewRomanSF.pfa, and it can probably be cured by 
enlarging one array size.  This must have been done for Reader 6 and 7, 
but it was forgotten in Reader 8.

The printer I send PDFs to requires an included header file of 
distillerparams, which, among other things, force the downloading of the 
entire font.  They had problems in the past with flaky subsetting, so 
they protected themselves by refusing to allow subsetting at all.  In a 
few cases this means that an embedded font is well over normal size.  
One of those cases is Monotype TimesNewRomanSF.  It probably tests as 
too large for an array, and is therefore passed up completely.  Later 
today I shall test what happens if you use NewTimesRomanSF as the only 
font and turn off subsetting.
I suspect the whole text will drop out.

I shall recommend to the press that they allow subsetting in the future, 
but that will still leave a substantial number of archived PDFs with 
unsubsetted TimesNewRoman fonts. 

Since Reader 6 and Reader 7  solved this problem easily, I presume it 
will not be a horrendous task to solve it in Adobe 8.

pdffonttest.pdf is with subsetting

pdffonttest0.pdf is with no subsetting. 

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