[texhax] NatBib-based styles and unusual year or author entries

Philip G. Ratcliffe philip.ratcliffe at fastwebnet.it
Wed May 30 22:56:44 CEST 2007

> Thank you very much Philip, that helped a lot.  NatBib is now
> producing author/year citations, as I wanted.  Two problems remained:
> Firstly, for a multi-year entry like year="1995 (1911)", the final
> output didn't close the brackets: i.e. I see [McGlashan, 1995 (1911],
> when I'd like to see [McGlashan, 1995 (1911)].  That was easily fixed
> by enclosing the brackets in braces: year="1995 {(}1911{)}".
> Secondly, if I have, for example, two bibliography entries such that
> \citep{McGlashan:1995:PS},\citep{McGlashan:1995:CT} produces
> [McGlashan, 1995 (1911)b],[McGlashan, 1995 (1911)a], then I'd like
> \citep{McGlashan:1995:PS,McGlashan:1995:CT} to produce [McGlashan,
> 1995 (1911)b,a], but instead, it produces [McGlashan, 1995 (1911)b,(].
> That one's got me stumped.  Any ideas, please?

On the fist point, again the presence of ( and ) confuses natbib; you could
use something like \def\lparen{(} and \rparen.

On the second, I find that my personal (highly personalised bst's) work
where natbib doesn't.  However, if I enclose the entire date in an extra set
of braces {} then, on runnng LaTeX, I get a string of errors, but ... the
output is correct.

Sorry, I haven't got time right now to go into this deeper.

Cheers,  Phil

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