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Dieter Meinert dieter.meinert at web.de
Sat May 12 13:31:25 CEST 2007

Susan Dittmar schrieb:
>> I used the pdf forms in conjunction with draft modes, double-linespacing
>> and line-numbering, so advisors could write directly into the pdf-file
>> and submit the diffs by email.
>> If you're further interested and no better ways turn up I'll look u[ the
>> code.
> I am very interested in the code. In case you look it up, could you send it
> to me too?
> Thanks in advance,
> 	Susan Dittmar
this is the basic code for the proof-option.
originally it is an option in an organically grown class file.

Some features still do not work, I never found the time (and reason) to
fix them, e.g. the final-remarks form still is missing as are the
correction lines at the end of the document.

The test.tex file should work with any standard tex distrib.

Have fun.


Dr. Dieter Meinert

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