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2007-06-25 klockan 23:31 skrev Axel E. Retif:
> On 25 Jun, 2007, at 16:00, when harry met sally wrote:
> > I am writing a thesis using the files provided at my institution,  
> > but the default is \bibliography{plain} which produces numbered  
> > references. I want my references to appear as in astronomy  
> > journals, in author, year format. I have tried using chicago.bst  
> > and aas.bst but that does not produce the exact form I want.  
> > (author, year with no square brackets around it). What else can I try?
> Read natbib.pdf. It should be in the doc section of your distribution.

The original poster should try \usepackage{natbib} in the preamble of the
document, and \bibliographystyle{plainnat} in the body. All \cite commands
should be changed into one of the natbib commands, such as \citet, \citep,
\citeauthor, and \citeyear.

  mvrgr, Wouter

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