[texhax] YAP and Printing

Uwe Lueck uwe.lueck at web.de
Tue Jun 26 15:00:54 CEST 2007

> Robert Sherry wrote:
> >  I have recently downloaded the latest version of MikTex 
> > which includes the previewed YAP.  The version of YAP that
> > I have is 2.6.2639. When I print a document and specify only certain 
> > pages then I get more pages then I asked for. For
> > ------------------------------------------------------------------------
Jeff Barnett <jbbrus at ca.rr.com> schrieb am 26.06.2007 08:47:23:
> This bug has been reported a while ago. It seems the MikTex team has 
> been so busy trying to stabilize new versions, that simple (?) problems 
> such as this one haven't been fixed. We updated one of our computers a 
> while ago and ran into the bug. The rest have been left at version 2.4 
> rather than face all of the problems. Unfortunately, it is not easy to 
> roll back MikTex versions because the load/update from repository have 
> been turned off for the older versions.

I have had the same problem with YAP 2.5.2574 already. 
There also is an entry for both versions on the MiKTeX bugs data base headed 
'yap ignores the "To:" part of the page range to print' 
(indeed, if you don't stop it "manually", YAP prints on and on until the 
document's last page) from March and April, without answer. 
The problem has been on the MiKTeX mailing list as well, 
but I was unable to open archive files. 
Right now, I have other strange experiences with sourceforge.net ... 

Workaround: I use the "cancel" button in YAP's report box to stop it. 
An error report "unexpected condition" pops up -- don't mind, 
ignore it. You must "cancel" at least not before the printer ejects 
the first page. 

HTH -- Uwe Lueck. 

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