[texhax] Font Problems

John Stevens mrjds at wt.net
Mon Jun 25 05:50:14 CEST 2007

Since I got my TeXLive discs three months ago I managed to install  
TeX on my iMac. but it won't install on my Win98 platform.   At  
present my problem is that I can't find any fonts.  I found a two  
sheet document listing some 65 odd fonts that are supposed to come  
with Latex - but I have no idea where they are or if I can use them  
with plain TEX ?  Are they on one of the discs? - what's the file  
name ?, are they zipped, do I have to un-zip them & how does one do  
that on a Mac? Also, where should fonts be installed (surely not in  
the Mac font library)?  Please advise !
	Is there anyone in the Dallas area that I  I could actually talk to  
about TeX problems, perhaps there's a "user group" around here?
	Or maybe I should try OzTeX - it sounds a simpler implementation -  
even if its no longer supported- does that make sense?
	Any assistance will be appreciated - thanks  _ John Stevens

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