[texhax] Whence tangle.ch and weave.ch?

Brian O'Toole Brian.O.Toole at mathworks.com
Wed Jun 13 22:42:56 CEST 2007

Hello TeX Users Group,


I have recently been exploring TeX from "First Principles", and have
been looking at tangle.web and weave.web.  For each of the major
platforms (Windows, Unix/Linux, and Mac), there is a suggested TeX
Distribution (proTeXt, TeX Live, and MacTeX) that contains tangle and
weave executables.  From "First Principles", there should also have been
distribution-specific versions of tangle.ch and weave.ch to get the
bootstrapping started.  It appears that these change files do not come
with the distributions.  My assumption is that the reason for this is
that the average TeX user would need to worry about them, and that the
point of the TeX distributions is that someone else has already done the
work for us!  Does anyone have a reference to the actual
platform-specific change files tangle.ch and weave.ch that may have been
used to create tangle and weave for various distributions?





Brian P. O'Toole

Plotting & Exploration Group

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