[texhax] Publishing houses using TeX or LaTeX

Rex Shudde rshudde at comcast.net
Tue Jun 12 17:08:21 CEST 2007

Thank you, but not to the point.  I have a publisher that apparently knows 
nothing about TeX and I want to send him a list of houses that do use TeX. 
Just to say "probably a majority" is not specific enough.

Thank you, anyway,

Micha Hofri wrote:
> Accept: probably a majority.
> Require: I know SIAM does, and expect most of the technical non-profit
> presses to do so.  All major (and not so major) conferences in
> computer science and engineering, also those based in Europe, have
> defined latex classes for their proceedings.
> CRC handbooks have similar classes and require their usage...
> But a list?  Why would anyone want to create one?
> --Micha Hofri
> At 07:02 on 06/12/07 Rex Shudde sent:
>> Where can I find a list of publishing houses that accept or require
>> TeX, LaTeX or one of its variants?  I would like foreign as well as
>> US publishers.
>> Thank you,
>> Rex
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