[texhax] Tools/GUIs for making tables in latex?

Christer Thörn christer.thorn at jth.hj.se
Tue Jun 12 09:13:36 CEST 2007


Does anyone have any recommendations for a tool or GUI to facilitate 
creating nice looking tables in latex? I've tried a number of solutions 
  I found through Google, but none of them does everything I end up needing.

Simple tables are fine, but when I want linebreaks, lists, etc. in the 
cells, if I want to control orientation/alignment of contents per cell, 
it gets to messy to handle manually, with mulit-columns, parboxes and 
what not. Now I've resorted to create the tables in Word, export as PDF 
and insert as graphics.

Christer Thörn
+46 (0)36-10 15 92

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