[texhax] Customising list environment

Ozan Öktem ozan.oktem at sidec.com
Wed Jun 6 23:45:29 CEST 2007


I have defined the following list environment in a document based on  
the memoir document class.

   \begin{list}{\normalfont\bfseries D\arabic{deliverablenum}:}

I have several issues with the current construction.

1. The counter "deliverablenum" is reset each time I start a new  
"\begin{deliverablelist} ... \end{deliverablelist}". How can I  
prevent that? I want the counter to be incremented throughout the  
entire document, across chapters, appendices, sections, etc.

2. The list label is, as one can see in the code above, given as  
"D<num>" where "<num>" is the current value of the counter  
"deliverablenum". Cross referencing using the standard "\ref"-command  
yields the value of the counter "deliverablenum", i.e. "<num>". I  
would like the standard  "\ref"-command to yield the entire label,  
i.e. "D<num>". How do I do that?

3. How do I prevent the paragraph that follows the list to be indented?

4. How do I adjust the vertical spacing before the environment?

5. How do I adjust the vertical spacing between items in the list  

Ozan Öktem

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