[texhax] AMS fonts as text

Peter Miller z3ix at kamprint.com
Wed Jan 17 15:10:51 CET 2007

Barbara Beeton at AMS suggested I write to you about a question you may 
have dealt with before -- the use of AMS fonts such as Euler (EURM 10 
and others) as text fonts.

I like them as text fonts for certain applications such as captions 
because they look italic without the undue emphasis implied by leaning 
over, and they look handwritten without the smarmy greeting-card look of 
script fonts.

The problem is that because the AMS fonts were not intended to be used 
as text fonts, the spaces between words are filled with a Greek letter. 
I would like to have the space key (or any other key or key-combination) 
write s blank space (or a non-blank space that would look blank in print).

I would guess that I am not the first person to ask this question, so 
with luck you might have a solution at hand.

I am using a Sony Vaio computer with a Windows XP (Japanese) OS. (The 
fact that it is a Japanese version of XP should not matter for this 
purpose, as it is adaptable to English input.) The fonts were downloaded 
from the AMS site, and they work perfectly well, as installed, in all 
applications, except for the Greek letter that fills the spaces I would 
like to be blank. I am not familiar with 'tex', but will learn it if 
necessary; though if there is an easy solution, say, through some 
special ASCII code, that would be best.

I would appreciate whatever assistance you might be able to provide.

With thanks and best new year wishes,

Peter Miller
The Kamakura Print Collection

Kamakura, Japan

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