[texhax] proposal

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Jan 5 23:45:30 CET 2007


    I'm a mongolian TeX user. 


    And I wish to add mongolian language files to LaTeX and Babel
    system. Then I've attached these files.


One thing is that you should explicitly state the license of the new
files.  Nothing can be assumed these days.  For these files, I recommend
the LaTeX Project Public License.

Also, hyphenation patterns for Mongolian already exist.  I am not
competent to compare.  Can you check yours against those at

Also, your hyphenation patterns use some binary encoding.  I don't know
what it is.  Can you convert the patterns to use only visible ASCII
characters?  You can use the TeX ^^ab notation to refer to character ab

As for Babel, other support packages for Mongolian have been created.
See http://www.ctan.org/tex-archive/language/mongolian.  I am not sure
if any of them have Babel support, and if so, how it differs from yours.
Can you check?

Best wishes,

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