[texhax] Vista and TeX (well, almost)

Chris Rowley C.A.Rowley at open.ac.uk
Fri Feb 9 08:58:24 CET 2007


>   > Does anyone know of a `text editor' that is easily capable of
>   > being made `aware' of both:
>   >   LaTeX syntax (including well-coded packages)
>   >   Unicode 5.0
>   > The latter must include at least understanding that there are
>   > Unicode slots for numbers above "FFFF.
> UTF-8 is supported by LaTeX and Emacs.

Simply `UTF-8 support' is not sufficient for `Unicode 5.0'.  The editor has
to support the high numbers, sometimes called the supplementary planes.
[And this is the reason for exposing this calleng here: that is where
some mind-bogglingly way-out slots, inspired by LaTeX-maths, have ended up.]

> I strongly recommend the alpha
> version of Emacs because UTF-8 support (and many other things) had
> been improved significantly since version 21.

That sounds promising: is that GNU- or X-Emacs?
(I have not had much success with mule so far, especially on Windows.)

And thanks for the `beginners guide': just what I need!


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