[texhax] forcing a piece of text to the right margin, even on a blank line

Michael T. Wescoat wescoat at cruzio.com
Sun Dec 30 18:51:35 CET 2007


On Dec 30, 2007, at 9:17 AM, Steve Schwartz wrote:

> Our exam style
> puts the marks for a particular question on the last line of that
> question, but pushed to the right edge (with a bit of leading  
> space) if
> there's room. Else it goes on the next line all by itself, but still
> aligned along the right margin

I do the following, based on the discussion on p. 106 of _The TeXbook_:


   \nobreak\hfil #2\parfillskip=0pt\finalhyphendemerits=0\par}}

Invoke the macro with this:

\rtuck{[2 marks]}

In a given instance, you can adjust the bit of leading space by  
including an optional argument:

\rtuck[0.5em]{[2 marks]}

all the best,

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