[texhax] Query about loading images into LaTeX

George Vlasakakis george_vlasakakis at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 24 14:07:30 CET 2007

My name is George and the last couple of days i m trying to find a way to load images into my LaTeX file. I searched quite a lot about that and the conclusion was, that i need to have my images converted to a .ps format in order to be able to load them. Since i had no idea on how i'd be able to convert them into that format i searched again and i found out that a suitable Postscript printer driver is able to make this conversion from a jpeg or bmp to a .ps file. Thus, i downloaded quite a lot of defferent types of Postscript printer drivers but unfortunatelly nothing has worked so far..!
Is there any other convenient way that i can use to make this conversion? Your assistance is kindly appreciated. 
thank you in advance
pls note that im also including the command : \usepackage{graphicx} right below  the :\documentclass[dvips]{report} line.
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