[texhax] ucs/utf8x problem

Einars Lielmanis einars at gmail.com
Mon Dec 17 03:45:03 CET 2007

Hello, I hope this is the correct place to ask/tell about a bug.

The problem is that one letter from the latvian alphabet, u+0123, 
"latin small letter g with cedilla" isn't processed by utf8x (curiously,
its counterpart, latin capital letter g with cedilla is processed
just fine), so that "\v g" has to be used instead.

Here's a small file that shows the bug-


# latex test.ltx
! Package ucs Error: Unknown Unicode character 291 = U+0123,
(ucs)                possibly declared in uni-1.def.
(ucs)                Type H to see if it is available with options.

I'm using texlive distribution from 20070212;

- is it possible to fix it so that all would be nice and fine for the
  next distro?
- would it be possible to fix it manually now, so that it'd stop nagging me?



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