[texhax] table placement

Adrian Dusa dusa.adrian at gmail.com
Sun Dec 16 13:32:47 CET 2007

burlen <burlen <at> apollo.sr.unh.edu> writes:

> Hi I have a hair pulling situation where no matter what I do latex moves 
> my tables to the end of the chapter. Of course I want them in the text. 
> I have tried using the [h!] and the [ht!] options to no avail. Is there 
> anything I can do?

I have this exact situation with a figure environment. The only very dirty
solution I could find was to
- calculate exactly where the page ends (just preview the dvi file)
- insert a \newpage in that exact location (no visible change in the dvi file)
- move the code for the table/figure immediately after the /newpage command and
use the [h] option

Alterantively, you can play with the [p] option and see where that takes you.
Like I said this is dirty and I don't like this solution, but it does the trick.
I'm curious about more clever and experienced advice.


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