[texhax] wrapfig/floatflt/picins/other

Bryan W. Lepore bryanlepore at mail.utexas.edu
Thu Dec 6 21:30:21 CET 2007

On Thu, 6 Dec 2007, Martin Heller wrote:
> Bryan W. Lepore skrev:
>> i'd like to compile an FAQ or somesuch about troubleshooting
>> wrapfig/floatflt/picins/other to get text to flow around figures/tables
>> perfectly _in_any_setting_.
> You are aware of the TeX faq?
> <http://www.tex.ac.uk/cgi-bin/texfaq2html?label=textflow>

i suppose i should respond on-list - i was interested in something more 
elaborate than that that i didnt want to write all out, but here goes :

up above i _specifically_ wrote "troubleshooting", and i specified "in any 
setting" (with underlines).  i've googled for $\geq$ 30 minutes and ran 
latex $\geq$30 times trying to make viz. floatflt work and discovered that 
the starting points in the FAQ, though helpful in what they do, do not pan 
out when faced with e.g. teasing apart why floatflt works perfectly 
sometimes and fails at others.  there is a handy troubleshooting page out 
there for enumerate and floatflt conflicts along the lines of what i'd 
like for making floatflt work exactly how i'd like - i thought that 
something like a compilation of specific problems with floatflt and how to 
work around them - perhaps in gory detail - detail is good.

the link to the FAQ is of course interesting - it comes up everytime i 
google this, and i read it every time.  in fact, this is how i discovered 
that floatflt seems a little bit better than others - ok, i'll read it 
again - ah, this is the go-to list from Piet van Oostrum, (thank you!), 
and latex isn't really designed for these problems, i can understand - 
"they all have their limitations" - so where in that entry it _details_ 
the reasons where e.g. floatflt works or fails in e.g. two-column 
environment, why tables look perfect then disappear when moved. ... did i 
miss something? ... it _can_ work perfectly - why?  *what ARE the specific 
limitations, in detail?*

and just to check myself here : "Volume is not precision" "be explicit 
about your question" ... well, i think my previous question with 
specifications avoided this huge one ... "vagueness about the actual 
problem ... is not helpful".  you know, reading that FAQ helped me specify 
a question - thanks!  ahh, good 'ol esr, always worth another read.


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