[texhax] framing tables

Susan Dittmar SDittmar at eureca.de
Wed Aug 15 13:05:51 CEST 2007

Dear Reinhard,

Quoting Reinhard Kotucha (reinhard.kotucha at web.de):
> It would be nice to have more people like you on this mailing list.

your praise makes me blush.

Yes, I joined this list because of a question. And I kept reading because I
found I could learn a lot. And because I still use LaTeX a lot. And, of
course, because this one question was not the last, and I'm sure I will
have others again...

I still consider myself nothing more than an advanced user. That's why I
think at least twice before I answer questions here -- better be quiet and
wait for the experts to speak up than voice some bullshit.
On the other hand, I learned so much from others who invested time to
answer my questions, that I feel obliged to do the same if there's a
question I am capable of answering.

>From what I read, there are a lot of people with this world view on this
list. Which is, in my humble opinion, all to the best.


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