[texhax] Do not remove output after error

ap tug at alxp.gr
Thu Aug 2 16:22:42 CEST 2007

Hi list,

When you pdflatex your .tex file and it contained some errors, you  
get the message "No file written to disk", *and* any previously  
generated PDF is removed. Is there anyway to prevent the PDF from  
being deleted? I couldn't find anything about this while it seems  
rather important!

My specific problem is when you want to have your viewer look  
automatically for changes on the PDF: some of them work on the file  
itself, and not its name/path (as most well written Mac  
applications). So as soon as you have an error, the viewer looses  
track of the file, and you loose the autolook capabilities, and have  
to start everything all over again...

Any help?



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