[texhax] Nested list misalignment

John R. Culleton john at wexfordpress.com
Wed Apr 18 15:23:16 CEST 2007

On Tuesday 17 April 2007 23:48, Donald Arseneau wrote:
> "Vince Pileggi" <vinpile at rogers.com> writes:
> > Need help to left justify second line
> No, you have misaligned first lines of items.
> >     \item[(a)]{\hspace{-84pt}\reversemarginpar{(2)}}
> > \hspace{65pt} The average fluid velocity $V$ in $m/s$. \\
> Gag! Don't do such nonsense! You introduce unbalanced \hspace and
> inter-word spaces to give the following text the wrong position.
> You also end a paragraph with \\ which you should never do.
> Your mixture of the numeric tags with the list item tags looks like
> a bad decision, but the attempted implementation really stinks.
> Do you know what \reversemarginpar means?  I think you were trying
> to use \marginpar{} without any silly \hspace.

In Context the nested itemize command works smoothly. And there is 
also the \definedescription  command that lets one set up things 
pretty much however you want without much fuss and feathers.  I think 
all newcomers to TeX should read the Context manuals as well as the 
LaTeX manuals to determine which set of features suit them best.  
Neither  variant is all conquering but I find Context the more 
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