[texhax] Installed TeX fonts WAS adding boldface to \tt

John R. Culleton john at wexfordpress.com
Sun Apr 15 21:43:32 CEST 2007

On Saturday 14 April 2007 18:44, Reinhard Kotucha wrote:
> >>>>> "John" == John R Culleton <john at wexfordpress.com> writes:
>   >
>   > Anyone brave enough to delve into my COBOLisms can write me and
>   > I will ship the sources and some instructions.
> I didn't expect that you are so old. :)  I always thought that I'm
> the oldest on this list, but the first programming language I
> learned at the university was Algol68.  At this time no courses
> about COBOL had been offered any more.
> Regards,
>   Reinhard

COBOL is however alive and well and supported by uderground cells 
consisting of old hacks like me. I greeted the grandmother of COBOL, 
the naval officer Grace Murray Hopper, twice at local ACM 
(Association of Computing Machinery) meetings in Baltimore.  I wrote 
my first COBOL program in 1968 and my most recent one yesterday.
And for the curious I will have lived .75 century on Aug 25 of this 
year. But I am living proof that age per se does not of necessity  
confer wisdom nor even maturity, only hair loss and BPH.

The latest iteration of my font sampler effort is represented by pdf 
files xaa.pdf through xaj.pdf. These are being uploaded as I write 
this. I will have to create a page of download buttons.

Why so many files? Well, TeX has a limit on how many fonts can be 
included in a single run. There are about 3100 fonts usable straight 
out of the (pdftex) box. My subfiles illustrate about 400 fonts each. 
I will figure out a way to cojmbine them somehow, but the plethora of 
fonts may also frustrate that effort. Most of the 3100 fonts are 
uninteresting, consisting of size variations on relatively few fonts.  
Some very common book fonts, such as Garamond, Sabon, Lucida and 
Georgia are not included among the free fonts shipped withTex.

I will continue to refine the effort as time permits. 
John Culleton
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