[texhax] my own class/package

Robin robinwei at charlesworth.com.cn
Thu Apr 12 12:45:44 CEST 2007

Many thanks for the explanations

I am working in an information service company, and we are using 3B2 which
based on SGML/XML, but we want to develop another typesetting system, the
main ideas are:

1. still based on SGML/XML
2. we have various journal which have various article type, such as book
review, normal article and editorial paper etc, so I think I should write
classes for all different article types (also different journals)

Thanks again

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> > From: "Robin" <robinwei at charlesworth.com.cn>
> > Any idea on how to write my own class/package, I searched
> > online, only seldom documents.
> Writing a class or package is not nearly the rocket science
> I thought it would be.
> Class  : What is your base class?
> Package: what functionality do you want to add to whatever class you are
> using in your writing?
> Find something similar, copy it
> make a test.tex get it and keep it running
> while you go down your checklist of what you want different.
> I have written only one class for my conference papers:
> http://www.ctan.org/tex-archive/macros/latex/contrib/conferences/sugconf
> /
> It is not perfect but it gets the job done.
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