[texhax] Status of *.answers FAQ or FAQs

Nick Boalch ngb at mit.edu
Sun Apr 8 22:56:27 CEST 2007

Dear FAQ maintainer,

I'm writing because according to our records you were the most recent
maintainer of one of more FAQs posted to the *.answers Usenet newsgroups
and archived at ftp://rtfm.mit.edu/pub/faqs/.

Your FAQ doesn't appear to have been posted to *.answers for at least 90
days, and possibly for many years.

In keeping with efforts by the Big-8 Management Board and other users of
Usenet to restore the usefulness of Usenet ad a discussion medium, I'm
trying to pull *.answers and the rtfm.mit.edu FAQ archive to something
approximating to normal operation after several years of neglect.

Accordingly, it would be extremeley helpful for us to know the status of
your Usenet FAQ (or FAQs).

Can you please let me know via news-answers-request at MIT.EDU (or by
replying directly to this message) whether you intend to continue
posting? (Quoting the name and archive-name of your FAQ(s) will help me to
process replies more quickly.)

If your FAQ is no longer posted, I will mark it as such in our records
and, if you wish, remove it from our archive at rtfm.mit.edu.
Alternatively, if you wish to continue posting your FAQ but are having
problems crossposting it to *.answers, I will be happy to offer advice.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

 - Nick Boalch, one of the *.answers moderators
   <news-answers-request at mit.edu>

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