[texhax] boldfacing words from a list

Tom Schneider toms at ncifcrf.gov
Thu Sep 28 23:50:04 CEST 2006


> My hope was to be able to bold them somewhat automatically, only having
> to type any markup commands once.

Make a program!

> Thus, typing \vocabulary{profits} every time that word appears in the
> source is no easier than typing \textbf{profits} every time it appears.
>  In fact, the former is more keystrokes.

Make a program!

Here's a csh or tcsh script that will do it.  It is not smart enough
(nor am I in this horrid language) to deal with words at ends of lines
- just add a space and a '%' to protect it.

#!/bin/tcsh -f
#(ie run the tshell on this but don't read the .cshrc or .tcshrc)

echo version = 1.00 of boldit 2006 Sep 28
# 2006 Sep 28, 1.00: origin

if ($#argv < 2) then
  echo 'usage: boldit [latex.tex file] [word list]
  echo 'Put a LaTeX bold command on every word listed in the file.'

# define the arguments:
set latex = $1
set wordlist = $2
set name = "\\textbf"

set tmp = /tmp/`whoami`.boldit

cp $latex $tmp
# step through the wordlist and change each word
foreach word (`cat $wordlist`)
  echo "changing $word"
  cat $tmp |\
  # convert words surrounded by spaces: \
  sed "s/ $word / $name{$word} /g" |\
  # convert words at beginning of line, followed by a space: \
  sed "s/^$word /\\textbf{$word} /g" |\
  # convert words at ending of line, preceeded by a space: \
# sed "s/ $word\\$/\\textbf{$word} /g" |\  this doesn't work \
# sed "s/ $word$/\\textbf{$word} /g" |\    this doesn't work \
# sed "s/ $word\$/\\textbf{$word} /g" |\   this doesn't work \
  cat > $latex
  cp $latex $tmp


echo ----

Save the text, give permissions to execute (with chmod).

If you have a Mac (OSX) you can do this easily with the Terminal.  On
a Windows you're on your own but cygwin probably can run the script.


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