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Wouter Bolsterlee uws at xs4all.nl
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2006-09-22 klockan 23:27 skrev Reinhard Kotucha:
> >>>>> "Philip" == Philip TAYLOR <P.Taylor at rhul.ac.uk> writes:
>   > Mine says the same, so your conjecture in re operating systems
>   > seems correct.  For myself, I have never created an extensionless
>   > file (how would I know what type it was, if it had no extension
>   > ?), so the problem is not a real one, but if you are in need of
>   > such things (how do /you/ know what type they are ?), then I can
>   > see the problem ...  
> If you call make without arguments it looks for a file called Makefile
> in the current directory.  The file can have another name but then you
> have to use the -f option.  I don't have to know what a Makefile is
> unless I write one myself.  The usual way to install GNU software is
> to type "./configure && make && make install".
> Executable files (programs and scripts) usually have no extensions on
> UNIX systems.  The reason I want to be able to create such files with
> TeX is that ltxdoc can create Makefiles then, for instance.

Most modern linux desktops use the freedesktop.org shared-mime-info package,
which handles file types quite nicely (based on globbing, content
introspection and even xml namespace checking). Especially for "easily
discoverable" file types such as PDF or XML documents, it works quite well
for files without extensions. Luckily the globs detect lots of other less
discoverable file types as well (and glob matching is not an expensive
operation; content introspection is).

> Extensions are not unique.  You don't know whether foo.pl is a Perl
> script or a TeX property list.

Or even prolog source code :)

  mvrgr, Wouter

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