[texhax] Collection for social sciences and the humanities for TeXLive 2006

Juergen Fenn juergen.fenn at GMX.DE
Mon Sep 11 23:04:24 CEST 2006

Uwe Lück <uwe.lueck at web.de> writes:

> Although *lineno.sty* and *manyfoot/nccfoots* (ncctools bundle,
> manyfoot needs nccfoots.sty) are parts of the ednotes bundle
> in a wider sense, they might be considered themselves.
> Namely, I have received a query the last days reporting that
> some critical edition project uses lineno.sty without footnotes.
> And then *numline.sty* might be considered with the same right,
> although I think it has not been changed for 10 years or so.
> On the other hand, *manyfoot* and its extension *bigfoot*

I have added lineno, numline, and bigfoot to my list. I think the
general packages for formatting footnotes should remain in the general

> Moreover *arab.tex* (Plain TeX) and *ledarab* (ledmac bundle)

Leads too far, to my mind. ledarab also seems not to be in TL.

As far as your and Pierre's suggestions on fonts are concerned, I
agree with Karl. Too general. Leave the fonts for everyone who is
interested in them, don't label them for the humanities only.

Below is my corrected list.


critical editions
edmac		is part of collection-formatsextra
ednotes			   collection-latexextra
lineno			   collection-latexextra
numline			   collection-latexextra
bigfoot			   collection-latexextra
ledmac			   collection-latexextra
ledpar                     --
parallel		   collection-latexextra
parrun			   collection-latexextra
poemscol		   collection-latexextra

alnumsec		   collection-latexextra
camel			   collection-latexextra
jura                       collection-langgerman (really?)
juramisc 		   collection-latexextra
jurarsp 		   collection-latexextra
juraabbrev		   collection-latexextra
ratex                      -- (new package) -- wrote to the author and asked him to complete the package, so far there is only rtklag on CTAN
advdate                    --
lextex                     --

jurabib                    collection-bibtexextra

bibleref 	           collection-latexextra

ecltree			   collection-latexextra
covington 	           collection-latexextra

gb4e		- not in tpms?, but available on CTAN - olden and license issues
linguex		- in collection-latexextra
tree-dvips	- in collection-latexextra
qtree		- in collection-latexextra
xyling		- in collection-latexextra
tipa            - in collection-fontsrecommended -> should stay there
pst-jftree	- in collection-pstricks -> should stay there
pst-autoseg  	- Linguistics: autosegmental representations -> in next TL? -> in collection-pstricks

avm		- not in TL, not in the TeX Catalogue
qobitree	- in collection-latexextra
rtrees		- not in TL, not in the TeX Catalogue
covington	- in collection-latexextra, already on my list
dictsym         - in collection-fontsextra
fwlw            - in TL (ltxextra), will not be moved
lexikon         - in collection-latexextra
dictsym         - in collection-fontsextra
dialogue        - not in TL because it is part of the Frankenstein bundle
drama           - in collection-latexextra
dramatist       - in collection-latexextra 
play            - in collection-latexextra
poemscol        - in collection-latexextra
plari           - new to TL!
sides           - in collection-latexextra  
stage           - in collection-latexextra 
verse           - in collection-latexextra  
xmlplay         - in collection-htmlxml 
cm-lingmacros   - not in TL, not in the TeX Catalogue, not on CTAN
arydshln	- in collection-latexextra

pstricks	- a collection of its own
pst-node	- in TL!
pstcol		- obsolete!
psfrag		- not in TL?, but in the TeX Catalogue

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