[texhax] RE : Re: Text following a curve

H V boite_anti_spam at yahoo.fr
Mon Sep 11 15:41:37 CEST 2006

 Thanks, Herbert and Voss,

This works:




       \psplot[linestyle=none]{-2}{2}{4 x 2 exp sub}}{%
         This is the graph of the equation $y=4-x^2$ for
         $-2\le x\le 2$}

However, I am afraid I hijacked the original request: which (as I
believe) was to make it inside tikzpicture

That does not work for me : if I make pdflatex -shell-escape on that example, I get the joined pdf.

Indeed, that is not with tikzpicture... but if it's not possible with tikzpicture, I have to try something else :)

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