[texhax] tabbing in macros

Uwe Lück uwe.lueck at web.de
Wed Sep 6 21:32:13 CEST 2006

OK, sorry, I didn't remember in time that Plain TeX has \outer makros
whose LaTeX versions are not \outer. Fortunately I found how to make
up for my error: \+ is the only tabbing macro that is \outer, and it has
the non-outer version \tabalign -- see TeXbook p. 354f. I.e., you can
use \tabalign for doing what \+ does within macros.

(You may prefer \let\+\tabalign, at least inside some group.)

HTH -- Uwe Lueck.

At 21:28 05.09.06, markrichard at cox.net wrote:

>I am trying to find a way to write tabbing commands (like \+ or
>\settabs) within a macro.  Can you help me with this or direct me to
>where this info can be located? I am using plain TeX.

One question arising is: do you want that some macro
a.) executes tabbing macros or that it b.) can take
tabbing macros in an argument?

Another question is: what is the problem with both?
Have you tried?

Or you might mean that you don't know how to define
TeX macros in general?


Uwe Lueck.

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