[texhax] spanish problem

Uwe Lück uwe.lueck at web.de
Tue Oct 31 15:39:54 CET 2006

At 14:48 31.10.06, Diego L. Guarín wrote:
>I´m wrting a book and i can´t use the package babel[spanish] because i 
>need to use a special macro that don´t run when i use that package.  But 
>my book is in spanish and whit out the panish package all the chapters are 
>labeled as 'Chapter' and i need it to say 'Capitulo'. i already try to 
>redefine the enviroment \chapter but it doen´t wook out. so please if 
>someone know what can i do tell me.

I have stolen

\def\listfigurename{\'Indice de figuras}%
\def\listtablename{\'Indice de cuadros}%
\def\indexname{\'Indice alfab\'etico}%
\def\ccname{Copia a}%
\def\alsoname{v\'ease tambi\'en}%



(Copy it into your files -- after the \usepackage lines.)

You might look at the file yourself for more to steal.

I would like to know your macro that doesn't work with babel.

Hope this helps -- Uwe.

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