[texhax] bibitem, ~nocite in natbib

Gaspar Bakos gbakos at cfa.harvard.edu
Sun Oct 29 01:34:58 CEST 2006


I am trying to achieve a strange citation setup in a file I am writing
using the natbib package. I want the name I cite to appear in the text,
but not in the references! (This is because I have very limited space
for the document, and I would like to cut the references section as a
separate reference list in a separate document is also listing the
most of the citations, thus I would not like to duplicate it).


%% From the style file I am using:

% ....
\newcommand{\bibstyle at aas}{\bibpunct{(}{)}{;}{a}{}{,}}
% ...

%% The document
We all know that \cite{macko99} introduced this method before \cite{csiga01}.

%% The document as printed in the dvi:
We all know that Macko (1999) introduced this method before Csiga (2001).

%% The references:

Macko 1999, ApJ, 251, 1

%% And Csiga 2001 DOES NOT APPEAR in the reference list.

I have the feeling there there must be a hack for this, even if no
elegant solution exists.


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