[texhax] pictexwd

Barbara Beeton bnb at ams.org
Sun Oct 22 20:22:19 CEST 2006

dear diego,
regarding your query about using the package
pictexwd, i answered

    i'm not a regular pictex user, but i believe
    your problem may be solved if you change this

      \setcoordinatesystem units <1 cm,1 cm>


      \setcoordinatesystem units <1cm,1cm>

    leaving no space between the quantity and the
    units.  that's the usual syntax of tex dimensions
    and i'd be surprised if this is different.

i made a rash assumption that a convention used
by nearly everyone (originally used by knuth for
compactness and speed) was a "rule".  it is not.
your syntax is quite acceptable, and i apologize.

as my penance, i have researched the problem further
and have, i believe, found the problem.

in the fourth instance of the command \setquadratic
there is, at least in the form of the code attached
to your inquiry, a bad break:


    \setplotarea x from 13 to 19, y from -3.1 to 2.1
    \axis bottom shiftedto y=0  /
    \axis left shiftedto  x=13.3 /
    \put {Ruido} at 16  -3.3
    \setquadratic \plot  13 -1.244620887   13.0806 -2.66806474   13.2432 -
    0.946122089   13.4347 0.908040152   13.5181 0.123530143

the - at the end of the line should really be
attached to the value that begins the next line.
if these two lines are rebroken as you have the
following lines, the result runs through to

    \setquadratic \plot  13 -1.244620887
    13.0806 -2.66806474
    13.2432 -0.946122089
    13.4347 0.908040152
    13.5181 0.123530143

to test, i had to comment out the lines beginning
\flecha -- that command is not present in the
version of pictexwd that is installed here.
but i think that is irrelevant to the problem
of the break between minus and value.
							-- bb

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