[texhax] [read this] How to make the following condition: if. .., then..., else...

Tom Schneider toms at ncifcrf.gov
Wed Oct 4 03:04:51 CEST 2006

> > please stop givin Plain answers to LaTeX users. It does more bad than
> > good.

It would help to always clarify which is being given.

> > Also PLEASE stop top-posting.
> Martin, these are your personal views (some might
> say "prejudices").  Please do not seek to impose
> them on others.

You are imposing on your readers by doing this.

I agree completely with Martin.  Top posting makes for extremely
confusing reading.  You read from part way to the bottom to the
bottom, then from somewhere in the middle to nearly the bottom, then
somewhere above the middle oops I'm lost, let's see ... from the top
to ... no the middle bottom ... OH FORGET IT!!!  So why include
material that is so confusing that readers won't read it?

It wastes the time of the reader and reflects poorly on the writer who
apparently doesn't care enough to write carefully so that the message
is clear and logically ordered.

Worse, the poster tends to ignore the content and we have seen several
cases where the answer to a question a person posed was in the email
they sent because of a string of previous postings that they ignored!


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