[texhax] Reducing space after section headings

M Senthil Kumar senthil at cdfd.org.in
Fri May 26 02:31:24 CEST 2006

On Thu, 25 May 2006, Uwe [iso-8859-1] Lück wrote:
|At 15:18 25.05.06, David C. Walden wrote:
|> >Can anyone please tell me a way to reduce the whitespace after section
|> >headings in a LaTeX document.
|>I have only read about it (not used it), but the titlesec package
|>(page 36 of the _LaTeX Companion_, 2nd edition) may provide
|>something useful to you.
|Similarly, I know of Peter C. Wilson's memoir class and of
|Alex Rozhenkos nccsect package. HTH -- Uwe.

Thanks David C Walden, Tom Sgouros, Paul Tremblay and Uwe Lueck, for your


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