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Douglas Lewan d_lewan2000 at yahoo.com
Tue May 16 05:50:19 CEST 2006


As a programmer, I've found the LaTeX documentation difficult to 
navigate for real programming.

If you're managing to cut through it, please consider writing up simple 
notes for those of us who would like get going with you.


Douglas Lewan

hgi escreveu:

>My thanks to Herbert for suggesting package fancybox for throwing a box 
>around an entire page.  It worked like a charm!
>I have a couple of other questions - one is about variables.  How can I 
>programatically determine the number of letters in a word?  I'm hoping for 
>something like (I'm making this up) $z=LetterCount{some words in here}.  I 
>would like to make some macros that could use this functionality.
>Is there a good place to read of examples, etc.?
>I'm fast discovering that Tex has amazing potential!
>Thanks so much!
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Make sure all variables are initialized
before use.

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