[texhax] stopping bleeding from minipage or parbox

Dr Bean lang at ms.chinmin.edu.tw
Sat May 13 02:34:56 CEST 2006

I am using textpos to position four B7 forms on one B5 page, and it
is great for that.

My problem is that I am generating the forms with a perl program
that takes text of variable length and places it in a minipage
or parbox, and the longer text spills over into the next form.

I want to cut it off at that point where it spills over, but
doing it in perl before latex ever sees the latex file is not
possible, I think.

Does latex have conditional structures which will allow it to
abandon processing when it reaches a certain point on the page? I
see from the FAQ there are counters for the number of pages, but
what about for position on the page?

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