[texhax] Word vs. LaTeX questions (was latex in social sciences?)

Peter Flom flom at ndri.org
Sat May 6 23:27:11 CEST 2006

This thread spurs me to ask two questions that I was going to ask at Practical TeX.

1.  Using Word and Procite (a bibliography package) offers one thing that I haven't found in
LaTeX.  While typing along, you want to cite a work that is entered in your bibliography file.
You can cite it using any of the fields and any part of the fields.....for example, if I wanted to cite
a work by Karl, but only knewe that it had the author Berry and the word LaTeX, I could
hit alt-t, then enter, then    berry latex   and it would bring up every item in my bibliography that had
both these things. 

This is really kind of neat

2.  Another thing that can be done in Word is track changes.  If one has to work with several co-authors,
this is kind of nice.  Since there are a lot of academic-types using LaTeX, I imagine this issue comes up a lot.
What do people do?



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