[texhax] upgrade of PSTricks documentation

Philip TAYLOR P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Wed May 3 15:57:12 CEST 2006

Well, I think you're either very unlucky, or your
choice of search engine is seriously flawed.
I typed "pstricks manual" into Google, and the
first hit was :


of which the first few lines read

> PSTricks package
> PSTricks is a package that allows access to features of PostScript 
 > that would not be directly accessible from LaTeX otherwise. It
 > operates in conjunction with dvips so results may not be seen
 > in previewers such as xdvi. The user manual for PSTricks comes i
 > n four parts:
>     * Part 1
>     * Part 2
>     * Part 3
>     * Part 4 
> There is also a quick reference guide which may be worth a look. 

Parts 1 to 4 contain hyperlinks to



which after distilling gives me a perfectly usable PDF version
of the manual ...

Philip Taylor
Tom Schneider wrote:

> Herbert:
>>>So where is the actual manual?
> Without knowing where the sources are for the manual for pstricks and
> how to manipulate them I cannot work on improving them.  The web pages
> for pstricks are full of pointers that appear to be irrelevant.
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