[texhax] Three new symbols required

Swami Pallasena swami at math.mun.ca
Wed May 3 15:06:44 CEST 2006

I need  the following three new symbols to be used in a document,
(where the body font is Palatino), and the output is generated
with pdfLaTeX. (These resemble some symbols already available are
available in MusiXTeX package):

i) an (upper)  semicircle with the central dot, without the
diameter (this resembles the \musixchar80 (\fermataup), but that
symbol is too heavy and thick - I need a lighter version).

ii) a symbol similar to \musixchar63  (or \AcPA  from harmony.sty,
but I need  a slightly longer stem, and almost vertically

iii) A -30 degree slant (to left) calligraphic S, with a forward
slash and two dots,  that is, \musixchar86 called \segno, but I
need the caligraphic  S to be thinner.

I will be using these three symbols as "accent marks" placed over
English letters using "\stackrel".

(Unfortunately, I am unable to use MusiXTeX along with Palatino
body font since they mutually conflict, and I get lots of errors).
So, I would prefer these symbols constructed from usually
available symbols, avoiding the usage of MusiXTeX.

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